How Government Policy Impacts Our Lives

The Truth Will Set You Free–Lies Will Enslave You

I am very concerned about finding and acting on the Truth, as any reader of my recent posts will attest. As a student of Russian History who made my first visit to Leningrad in 1969 at the age of 22, I have always been aware of how the Soviet State bent “truth” to suit its needs. From big lies, like portraying their one-party, top-down, controlled elections as “democracy”, to the small lie that prices in their economy had anything to do with real costs or demand—all were fabrications to help...

History 2021

History 2021

I wrote the original version of the following story almost twenty years ago, as the second chapter in an anthology of short stories, Ten Lies and Ten Truths. I have rewritten parts of the story this week, to capture the new realities of History 2021 A Story Harrison Gillies sat alone in the teacher's lounge of a prestigious New England private high school grading English essays. Paintings donated by the Art Department, an oriental rug, and a couple of decades' accumulation of furniture lifted...

Pairsing The Truth

One of my favorite sayings about Truth is: “Truth is simple, and delights in simple statements. It expects to make its way by its own intrinsic force, and is willing to pass for what it is worth.  Error is noisy and declamatory, and hopes to succeed by substituting sound for sense, and by such tones and arts as shall induce men to believe that what is said is true, when it is known by the speaker to be false.” Albert Barnes‘ New Testament Notes Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Philadelphia...

Should America Be A Meritocracy? Yes, but…

I initially watched with alarm the process through which President-elect Biden filled his Cabinet and Executive Branch nominations. A key criterion for selection appeared to be one’s skin color, gender or sexual orientation, not experience, ability or past performance in a related role. As a conservative, my default position on such matters has always been that America is a meritocracy, and that all forms of advancement and selection should be based on skill, performance, facts and...

Georgia On Our Minds

Georgia On Our Minds

As most of you know, I’m a Conservative-Libertarian Christian who happens to live in the current national-focus state of Georgia. I dislike the way the Democratic Party, the Progressive Elite, The FBI/DOJ, and the Main Stream Media (MSM) hounded President Trump from before his 2016 election all the way through his Presidency and finally into these elections. It was despicable behavior, and I hope that we get to the bottom of it through Senate hearings and internal DOJ investigations. We must...

A Warning

This post is a warning which we should take seriously. George Floyd died on May 25th in Minneapolis. In the ensuing three months we have witnessed demonstrations, peaceful protests, violent riots, the destruction of urban centers, the rise of Black Lives Matter, Antifa and other militant groups, mob rule, corporate mea culpas for social injustice, vigilantes, and politicians stating that America is actually not the world’s greatest experiment in personal freedom but instead is the worst of...



I truly believe that Black lives matter. The question I’m about to ask is not snarky or a rhetorical gimmick. It is a genuine question which I hope one or more Progressives will answer. To some--even many--people Black lives matter, unless they are about to be aborted. And then they don’t. My question is: How can this be? For the past several months we have been shown repeatedly how Black lives as a group are in worse shape than others in our nation. Black people succumb more often and with a...

Reflection and Responsibility

The Coronavirus Pandemic is a reminder that, along with terribly tragic outcomes in an increasing number of cases, this is also an incredibly blessed time in which we live--for many reasons, but particularly for recent advances in healthcare. (1) As I touched on in an earlier post, "Written In Stones", from the beginning of human existence until only eighty years ago, any of us could get a simple scratch or blister and then die from the resulting infection. There was no cure. None. That’s what...

Faith Isn’t Deplorable

Faith Isn’t Deplorable

I want to try to answer the question which I think vexes some people who know me or others like me: How can a relatively intelligent, traveled, thoughtful person be a Deplorable, clinging to my guns and my Bible? Or put another way, how can someone with a postgraduate education and nearly fifty years of business experience believe in the power of a relationship with his personal savior, and also be opposed to: Most ideas in the Democratic playbook, Sex outside marriage, Gay marriage, Abortion,...

Please Give Us Real and True

Please Give Us Real and True

At age 72 I hope you don’t mind if I want to focus on what’s real and true, not on what’s false or BS. The BS is that we in the U.S. are suffering through a terrible time of oppression, inequality, dysfunction and major problems. Yes, problems exist in varying degrees, and always will. But read Steven Pinker’s book Enlightenment Now to be reminded that this is a remarkably great age for the world in general, and for the U.S. in particular, with the one exception noted in my earlier post. A...


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