We Asked, “Why Not?”

In the summer of 1968 two young men with no political experience set out to tell anyone who would listen about their issues with the Vietnam War. Because they didn’t know what they couldn’t do, eight weeks later they were delegates to the Democratic National Convention in Chicago on the Georgia Challenge Delegation, working closely with Julian Bond, John Lewis, Fannie Lou Hamer, and many other national figures.

Theirs is a classic coming-of-age story, driven by an improbable campaign to upend a closed political system, and to open the democratic process to everyone who wanted to participate.

This firsthand account of their implausible success, written immediately after the events, will enlighten and hopefully encourage you to get involved when you see any wrong that needs to be corrected, no matter the odds at the outset, and no matter your age or background.

Some people do dream dreams, and ask, “Why not?”

Praise for We Asked, “Why Not?”


An amazing first-hand account of a young college graduate joining with other regular citizens in a grass roots effort to bring change to the goliath that was the Democratic Party of Georgia in 1968.  Unaware of what challenges, obstacles or successes lay ahead, a noble effort was launched to confront the establishment. This compelling story was elegantly written 50+ years ago, remaining hidden in a suburban attic until now, and it’s even more relevant today.

Brian Clark

A compelling read.  What an incredible mess retail politics is!  The recounting of the challenge process, with all its detail and grit, should be required reading for political science students, and for anyone who acquires the itch to enter the political fray.  Well done.

Tom Hudson

Parker Hudson has done it again with this masterful personal true story of two young men attempting in 1968 to change the entrenched Georgia electoral delegate system.  These were divisive times in America. Similar to today’s chaotic and divisive times. An enlightening read.

Stewart Long

This is clearly a piece of history our kids should know about and a great encouragement that they can make a difference in this nutty world we live in.
Bick Cardwell

Parker Hudson’s youthful eyewitness account of Georgia’s delegate challenge at the 1968 Democratic National Convention provides a fascinating insight into one of the most turbulent events in American political history.

Donnie Summerlin

University of Georgia

Apart from a fascinating, in-depth exploration of an important event in American political history, this book provides a highly insightful look into how America copes when the normal political rules disappear. This book’s critical and profound message for today is that American Democracy can survive in the face of unprecedented uncertainty if those committed to American democratic principles will stick together and not lose their nerve.

Alton B. Harris

Counsel to the 1968 Georgia Challenge Delegation


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