Iran’s Ancestors Rebuilt Israel

At a recent Ken Boa Bible Study, we discussed Ezra 5-7 and Nehemiah, which detail the rebuilding of the Temple in Jerusalem, along with the city itself, at the end of the Babylonian Exile from 521 to 435  BC. There are many interesting truths in these passages, but...

Speaking Simple Truth to Obvious Lies

I’m glad to be back after a six-month pause. During the break I finished and published my fourth novel, Nation On The Edge, which I hope you’ll read. And I released the audio version of On The Edge, read remarkably well by a computer! Old dog, new tricks. Pause or...

What is Woke?

A recent email to me from a frequent correspondent right after the SVB/Signature bank failures criticized some conservative news sources for blaming the banks’ problems on being “woke.” And he asked what does being woke even mean?  He wrote: “Being ‘woke’ doesn’t mean...


I want to share my thoughts on the two ends of a conceptual telescope I will call “Character." Not character like someone in a novel, but as with: The aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing. Qualities of honesty,...

Russia and Ukraine

In the space of just four hours last week two different friends mentioned to me the article “Complications of the Ukraine War” by Christopher Caldwell in Hillsdale College’s monthly newsletter, Imprimis. Complications of the Ukraine War | Imprimis ( I...

Policies Matter

This month, just before the Midterm Elections, I’m focused on the perfect storm created by the intersection of three disastrous forces running amok in our nation today. I wrote about the first force back in 2013, in “What We Don’t See is Killing Us”—I hope you will...

Thin Threads

Thin Threads

We all occasionally reflect on the larger decisions we’ve made, and on how those choices have impacted us. Like where we decided to go to school, our first and subsequent career moves, and whom to marry. Today, at age seventy-five, I want to reflect on the decisions...

Solutions Too Simple to Work?

This month I have another Summer Quick-Post on a few problems, the solutions to which seem so obvious to me that either I am a simpleton, or the ruling class makes everything far too complicated (to try to stay in power?). Here they are: 1.There are millions of people...


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