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Truth wrapped in fiction has the power to engage the reader’s mind, heart, and spirit. So it has the power to transform.

 Order of Books

1) On The Edge 2) The President 3) Enemy In The Room 4) Nation On The Edge

While each novel has its own stand-alone story threads, and they can be read in any order, several key characters do repeat across all four books.

In Nation On The Edge, most of the characters from On The Edge repeat, only they are twenty-five years older.

Reviews of Parker Hudson’s Novels

  • This book took reading to a whole new level of enjoyment. The author not only captured you into the story with the way he wrote the book, but he also wrote the book in a way that when you finished it and put the book down the story never lets you go. It's truly a life changing book. To not read this book is a choice to be blind, for it will truly open your eyes to see a great deal of truth.

    Joseph C. Smith, an Amazon Review

  • This is by far the best book I have ever read in my life, literally. This book in some ways changed my life and I purchased this copy for a friend. This is a Christian book, but surprisingly contains very graphic details of real-life situations of sin, temptation, and other struggles. It moves you and reminds you how our choices affect us and those that we care about…truly amazing

    Staci, an Amazon Review

  • I have long sought to find someone who can express what I feel in writing. This author did just that. The president's State of the Union address is exactly my line of thinking, expressed in a manner I have heretofore been unable to get into writing. Great book. I borrowed it for free and liked it so much that I bought it. Recommended, but not for youngsters.

    MominTandyland, an Amazon Review

  • This was the most powerful book I have ever read. While it is fiction, it sends a message that projects hope but also has a basic core which can generate questions as well as introspection and values evaluation.

    Murrvet, an Amazon Review

  • I couldn’t put it down! The possible end..was like a literal punch in the stomach. I’ve never had a book make me feel like that..the wind is knocked out of you, you can’t breathe, unbelievable. I learned so much from this book.

    Bran, an Amazon Review

Parker Hudson’s Blog Posts


I like to focus on discerning the truth from the noise and the lies, and on this blog I relate those findings, hopefully with a fresh and unexpected perspective.  I’ve been posting since 2010; I hope that you will sample some of the threads, and pass them to others.  And please also subscribe, using the red button in the right column on any blog page, to receive posts and newsletters in the future.


This post has two parts: The Big Picture, and then Application. I’m a slow learner. I finally had an epiphany about what specifically bothers me so much about DEI—Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. I’m a huge fan of Diversity. It’s one of our nation’s greatest...

Unsustainable National Debt

Several months ago this post began as research for what I hope will be a fifth novel. The action in that story will take place in the near future, when the negative effects of a National Debt “death spiral” begin to impact everyday families and businesses. I wish the...

Substack and Seeking Truth

This post has two audiences. For those who’ve known my writing for a while, I’m simply adding my mostly-monthly blog posts to a new platform: Substack, which has enhanced capabilities for organizing and communicating. If you don’t know me, I very much enjoy writing...

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