Because Many Believe A Popular Statement,

Does That Make It True?


Fiction is powerful because it engages the whole person—intellect, emotion, spirit. The reader becomes caught up in the characters and the events, and is forced to consider issues and outcomes that go beyond everyday facts and figures. Many years later most of us remember—and are touched by the truths in—stories told by Aesop, Andersen, and Grimm, as well as of course by the parables of Jesus. Just the titles of The Good Samaritan and The Prodigal Son communicate instant information to most of us, because we remember the stories.


“TEN LIES AND TEN TRUTHS” – 2nd edition. Please tell us where to send your book.

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Praise for Ten Lies Ten Truths

Several recent books have described the modem day lies that are the foundations for today’s beliefs and behavior. Lies about truth, God and faith. But Parker Hudson puts flesh and blood on these lies. His stories explore the inevitable results of living outside of truth. While Parker makes it clear that the stories and the dialogues are fiction, they grip the reader because we already know all the characters: they are our family, friends, neighbors and colleagues. This well written fiction is more real than reality.

Michael Youssef, Ph.D.

Author of Divine Discontent

Parker Hudson’s book TEN LIES AND TEN TRUTHS is must reading. Brilliant and insightful, it teaches using contemporary parables that are fun to read and convicting. Read it today and give it to your friends.

Dr. Ted Baehr

Publisher of Movieguide ®


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