Because Many Believe A Popular Statement,

Does That Make It True?


Fiction is powerful because it engages the whole person—intellect, emotion, spirit. The reader becomes caught up in the characters and the events, and is forced to consider issues and outcomes that go beyond everyday facts and figures. Many years later most of us remember—and are touched by the truths in—stories told by Aesop, Andersen, and Grimm, as well as of course by the parables of Jesus. Just the titles of The Good Samaritan and The Prodigal Son communicate instant information to most of us, because we remember the stories.

Ten Lies And Ten Truths is a compilation of ten hard hitting short stories, each exploring one of the foundational lies in American life today. The subjects include marriage, abortion, relative truth, and macro-evolution. Immediately following each story is a specific statement of the underlying Lie, its corresponding Truth, and several non-fiction Resources for further study of the issue. These Resources include other books, scripture references, and websites.

The new 2016 Second Edition has all of the original stories, but the Resources for each subject have been expanded and updated. The E-book version is available now, and the print version will be available shortly.

We wrote Ten Lies And Ten Truths for anyone who wants a short, memorable book which:

  1. gives them facts for discussing ten of today’s most important spiritual/social issues, in a form that is easy to understand and remember, and which
  2. they can hand to a friend and say, “Read a couple of these stories, and then let’s talk.”

146 pages, Edge Press.

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