On The Edge

A Novel of Spiritual Warfare

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Excerpt From The Book On The Edge

As Richard sat with his head in his hands, he remembered what both Court and Bob had told him about spiritual warfare, about how he would be attacked, and about the solution. “If you rely on your own power, you will be easy prey,” Court had said. “But now you have the power of the Holy Spirit inside you to help you fight.”

On The Edge is a rare jewel for fans of Frank Peretti. Not since This Present Darkness, have I come across such an in-depth work exposing the spiritual forces and invisible battle we all must face.” – John L. Owens

Richard Sullivan has a problem. His average American family is on the edge of ruin and they don’t even realize it. The Sullivans are struggling through everyday life with a dark power over them so strong that they cannot find their way — a power that is filling their minds with voices of greed, hate, pride and temptation. And now the very fabric of their lives is unraveling before their eyes. If only they would listen a little harder to the other voice trying to get through to them — the voice of hope, forgiveness and love — before it’s too late. 398 pages, Edge Press.

Praise for On The Edge – A Novel of Spiritual Warfare

I was fortunate enough to meet the author, F.Parker Hudson while at the Atlanta Airport. We ended up giving him a ride home from airport. He gave me a copy of this book. After reading this book, I was on my hands and knees, asking Jesus into my heart. This book was well-written, page turner book that gave a realistic approach to show how and why God is so important.

Like I said, this book is what brought me to my hands and knees, alone in my living room, crying and begging Jesus to enter my heart and in my life. I did the sinner’s prayer without even knowing how. This was back in 1995. I was living in sin with an abusive boyfriend in Georgia at the time. Within the next couple of weeks I had my car packed, in August, without a/c and with my cat and litter box, where I drove home to San Diego, CA (my parents home). I had to drive over 2000 miles. With all the areas I could have broken down, I ended up breaking down near San Antonio, TX, where my recent x’s aunt and uncle lived. I knew no one else in Texas so I called them for help. Not only did they get my car fixed, but they took me on the best camping trip I ever had.

Think about it; God has His protecting hand on me. Out of all those miles, He made sure there was a safe place for me to break-down. God used this book to save me. Thank you, F. Parker Hudson! I pray the Lord keeps using your books to help bring other lost souls to Our most loving Lord.

jens4jesus, an amazon verified purchaser

I have never read a better book on spiritual warfare than On The Edge. I have passed this book on to many people. Gave it to a guy in prison and he passed it around to other inmates. Amazing! Love you Parker Hudson for having the spiritual insight to write this book.

JoAnna Brigman

As I read the last chapter of On The Edge, I found my heart so full of the Holy Spirit that I thought I would explode. When I closed the book for the last time, I realized that I was crying….I cannot tell you how this book has changed my life and my husband’s.

Lori Wells

I just finished On the Edge. Wow, where do I start! I liked the first part of the book which was dark and suspenseful. Then the rest of the book shows how so many lives affect so many people for good or for bad. This book makes you want to be the good. Its a hard book to put down. Life lessons and God’s answer to our trials and blunders are all in there. The ending was perfect. You won’t be disappointed. I’m still sitting here processing the whole book. It will make you think about your life and what kind of relationship you have with God. And this books will make you crave for more of God! Don’t miss this blessing! Read it!!!

Snoozie, an amazon verified purchaser

Spiritual Warfare and The Family: Some Thoughts for Husbands

Let’s take a break from the current political fracas and consider a subject which will be with us until long after the next election: Spiritual Warfare and the Family.

First, let me stipulate that I know there are some troubled families that are seriously dysfunctional with abuse or addiction, and/or where no father is present. Those situations are important to address, but they require skills and interventions which are beyond the scope of this post. My focus here is calling attention to the spiritual battles in which every family is engaged.

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Spiritual Warfare

This month’s post is written primarily  to believers. It will make little sense to others, and even believers don’t typically spend much time focused on Spiritual Warfare, which is exactly what Satan wants, and makes his destructive mission much easier.

Satan particularly hates believers because we will spend eternity where he began but can never return: in Heaven with God.  He does everything he can to lie and to confuse, insuring that as few people as possible accept Christ’s free gift of salvation.  Despite his lies, if someone nevertheless becomes a believer, Satan then does all he can to make that person feel ineffective in telling others.

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What Spiritual Warfare have you faced?


  1. Bennie Seigler

    Hello, I noticed the cover has been updated from the original. Has the content been updated or is it still the same? Thank you.

    • Parker Hudson

      The covers were updated for the 25th anniversary of On The Edge, but the content is the same. Blessings.

  2. Jane

    WOW! What a Life changing book!!! Thank you Parker Hudson! I read this book many years ago and it affected me more than any book I’ve ever read other than the BIBLE. I shared my copy with my teaching colleague and it had the same affect on her. She and I became closer and held each accountable for our prayer life. This one book opened my eyes to the reality of spiritual warfare and those fighting as unseen intercessors for us humans. The book also increased the importance of my prayer life!

    • Parker Hudson

      Jane, a Comment like yours gives this very imperfect real estate guy goosebumps. Only He could orchestrate that outcome! THANK YOU for your words of encouragement. Blessings. Working now on Novel #4, to bring them all together. All teh best.

  3. Muriel Greenawalt

    After reading the comments I am challenged to read this book. I pray its on Kindle.

    • Parker Hudson

      It is on Kindle, Muriel. I hope that the story touches your heart and your mind. All the best.

  4. Pat

    Is the price of the book on the edge in American dollars

    • Parker Hudson


  5. Joyce Cravey

    Mr. Hudson.
    I have recommended “On The Edge” to my FB friends. I have one friend who would love to read it but cannot due to her failing eyesight. I was dismayed to find out it is not available on the Audible site. Do you have plans to make your books available for those who can no longer physically read.

    • Parker Hudson

      Thank you, Joyce for your encouraging words. I really appreciate them. The issue of creating an audio version is tough because for a book of this length the upfront cost is quite high, AND there is every indication that very soon there will be more than passable audio versions “read” by Artificial Intelligence, sounding like a person, not a computer. In the near future there may be two audio versions to choose from: AI created, or “premium”, read by an narrator. I would like to see how that plays out. In the meantime, if your friend has minimal vision, she can try the e-pub version of the book and then increase the font size to Ultra Large as she reads it. If you would like to discuss more, please send a note to parker@parkerhudson.com. Thank you again. All the best.

  6. Gail Jordan

    I just finished this book. It’s been a long time since I read a book that effected me so profoundly. It opened my eyes to the heavenly realm as they haven’t been since I studied the book of Daniel. I highly recommend it to anyone who needs to refresh their faith and a visit from the Holy Spirit to put passion back in your heart!

  7. Kryonic70x7

    Wow, what a powerful couple of stories… just finished reading in Kindle.
    Theres some gritty, hardhitting stuff in there, so be warned for younger readers, however the major comparatives between the two and the differences due to one decision by one man are beyond belief… unless you do.
    Thankyou Parker Hudson. I pray this novel will help light some big fires in many people.

    I once worked for a newspaper, and off my own bat, just prior to leaving for a new job, signed up a dozen or more brand new customers to sponsor a “Good News Page”… on a quiet weekday with usually low advertising.
    I presented the whole setup with potential advertisers on my last day to the marketing and editorial staff.
    The editorial head honchos rejected it saying they could never get enough good news to fill a page.
    Now in NZ, we have laws allowing abortion to full term. At concerts, people can get their illegal drugs tested for quality before they take them or dont take them (to prevent people dying from ‘unclean’ variants).
    Our country was once known as Godzone or God’s Own… now the Christian’s are a remnant.

    God bless

  8. Ethel Daggitt

    I am going to find this book as I am an avid reader and this kind of realization makes me cry while I read. I claim “the Holy Trinity” as my passion!

  9. clement richards

    Amen, would like to get the Book


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