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Obama and Putin: The World Deserves Better

Obama and Putin: The World Deserves Better

I don’t usually engage in “what if?”, but in this case the results are so striking that I have to do so. Daniel Greenfield has written a scathing critique of Presidents Obama and Putin at  I commend his analyis and conclusions to you.  Here is his...

The Marshall Plan vs. Obama-and-Out

The Marshall Plan vs. Obama-and-Out

Last weekend I attended a Marshall Scholar event in Washington.  The Scholarship was establishd in 1954 by the British government as a thank you to the American people for the Marshall Plan after World War II. On Sunday I walked down to the World War II Memorial....

The Russians and Us

The Russians and Us

  A recent event causes me to write again about a subject which I first posted on in September, 2010: The Russians and Us.  Having lived and worked in Moscow on and off for twenty-two years, last month’s end to our Cathedrals in the Kremlincompany’s five year...

Russians and Sources

I have a different take on Russia and Russians than you might hear otherwise, and this experience leads me to a small suggestion which I often share with our children. Russians tend to be independent and entrepreneurial; they believe in faith, family, education,...


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