Faith Is Reasonable

Faith Is Reasonable

This post is for all of us who have struggled with the “faith vs. science” conundrum. I do not profess to be a Steven Pinker, a scientist, theologian, philosopher, or great thinker. I am just a guy. But for over twenty years I’ve read and studied experts on the three...

The Origin of Life and Evolution

The Origin of Life and Evolution

I want to take a break from current events and look again at two important and potentially divisive subjects: The Origin of Life, and Darwinian MacroEvolution. A recent discussion with an old and dear friend required me to summarize my beliefs on these issues, which...

Evolutionary Waypoint Discovered!

Evolutionary Waypoint Discovered!

With all of the troubling news in the world today, i thought I'd try something a little lighter this time, and it’s good to be able to point to something new and positive. I think that we’re witnessing a rare moment of evolutionary random action that could lead to...


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