The Marshall Plan vs. Obama-and-Out

The Marshall Plan vs. Obama-and-Out

Last weekend I attended a Marshall Scholar event in Washington.  The Scholarship was establishd in 1954 by the British government as a thank you to the American people for the Marshall Plan after World War II. On Sunday I walked down to the World War II Memorial....

Islamists as Pac-Men

Islamists as Pac-Men

If you wonder what militant Islamists intend for Europe and the U.S., look no further than the public schools in Birmingham, England. Almost unreported here is the attempted takeover of eighteen state schools by those wishing to push the Islamist agenda, including...

Perfection or Freedom?

It’s amazing how important worldview can be. Take the secular vs. the Judeo-Christian view of bad behavior and unfairly advancing self, family or friends. The secular worldview, if it were honest, would not criticize such selfish behavior, because if we are just...


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