I want to share my thoughts on the two ends of a conceptual telescope I will call “Character." Not character like someone in a novel, but as with: The aggregate of features and traits that form the individual nature of some person or thing. Qualities of honesty, courage, or the like; integrity. Reputation. Good repute. (Character Definition & Meaning | Dictionary.com) At the larger end of the Character telescope is the big picture view of our nation's Virtue that everyone can see. For...

The Story after 25 Years

The Story after 25 Years

This month is the 25th Anniversary of two big personal milestones: the completion of the draft of my first novel, On The Edge, sending it to Thomas Nelson for editing, where it was published later in 1993, and writing the first pages of The President, which was published by Multnomah in 1995. So this post is going to be an unusual (for me) look back at those 25 years, with some brief reflections on what I’ve experienced and learned along that journey. A powerful story based on God’s truth can...

Thoughts on 2014 Surprises

Thoughts on 2014 Surprises

Ending 2014 with five personal thoughts on events that surprised me: Shortly after Memorial Day I attended a professional breakfast on current topics in commercial real estate. There were several hundred well dressed attendees, of all ages and both genders. The MC began by mentioning Memorial Day and remembering those who had given the ultimate sacrifice for our nation.  Then he asked for all of those who had served in the U.S. military to stand up to be recognized. I am used to that request...


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