Ten Lies and Ten Truths

Being or Doing?

Being or Doing?

I’m writing about a struggle I have almost daily: Focusing on deepening relationships vs accomplishing tasks on my To Do List. My friend and teacher, Ken Boa notes that there are two words in Greek which we translate into English as “time.” Both are ordained and...

In Awe of Families

In Awe of Families

We have just returned from two extended family events: our 38th year at a conference center’s Guest Period in the North Carolina mountains, and the celebration of a great aunt’s long and remarkable life in Vermont. The purpose of this short post is to extol families,...

Evolutionary Waypoint Discovered!

Evolutionary Waypoint Discovered!

With all of the troubling news in the world today, i thought I'd try something a little lighter this time, and it’s good to be able to point to something new and positive. I think that we’re witnessing a rare moment of evolutionary random action that could lead to...


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