Russia and Ukraine

In the space of just four hours last week two different friends mentioned to me the article “Complications of the Ukraine War” by Christopher Caldwell in Hillsdale College’s monthly newsletter, Imprimis. Complications of the Ukraine War | Imprimis ( I...

Obama and Putin: The World Deserves Better

Obama and Putin: The World Deserves Better

I don’t usually engage in “what if?”, but in this case the results are so striking that I have to do so. Daniel Greenfield has written a scathing critique of Presidents Obama and Putin at  I commend his analyis and conclusions to you.  Here is his...

The Marshall Plan vs. Obama-and-Out

The Marshall Plan vs. Obama-and-Out

Last weekend I attended a Marshall Scholar event in Washington.  The Scholarship was establishd in 1954 by the British government as a thank you to the American people for the Marshall Plan after World War II. On Sunday I walked down to the World War II Memorial....


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