I Hear Flapping

I Hear Flapping

By definition, we are not supposed to be able to predict Black Swan events before they occur, but I hear a lot of flapping, and it’s getting louder. If you’re interested in the future of our economy, please read Mervyn King’s new book The End of Alchemy. Lord King was...

Bond Servants

In The President, which I wrote eighteen years ago, there is an African-American pastor who laments how the federal government has become the world’s largest plantation, keeping Black Americans down. Now, sadly, all Americans of every color are being driven to lives...

I Wish

I wish that Mitt Romney were not a Mormon.  I don’t agree with a lot of his faith’s teaching, but every Mormon I’ve known has been a servant-leader, committed to family, decency, and individual liberty. So given all that I will point out below, that is the least...


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