If you wonder what militant Islamists intend for Europe and the U.S., look no further than the public schools in Birmingham, England.

Almost unreported here is the attempted takeover of eighteen state schools by those wishing to push the Islamist agenda, including Sharia Law, threats of violence, sacking Teacher at classroom writing Ramadan on boardteachers who disagree, Muslim-centric curricula, and gender separation–all in English state schools.

Please take a moment and read two recent articles in The Telegraph and The Mail, extracts from which are cited in this post.

The city of Birmingham is 22% Muslim, and obviously in some school districts Muslims are the majority.  Radical Muslims have used their majority status to try to isolate and persecute non-Muslims, while pushing for courses of study and for internal rule changes which violate English laws.

Older Muslim boys now gang up on girls and younger students to segregate classes and to denounce Jews and Christians, and to confiscate Christian symbols.

All of this is led by a determined group of militant Islamists who initiated the program, called Trojan Horse, several years ago.S

One can imagine Germany right after Hitler was appointed Chancellor in 1933, when the more militant members of his party felt emboldened to push against the norms and laws of Germany.  They bullied others, denounced those who did not agree with them, and began the widespread denigration of Jews and socialists.  Sometimes they met resistance, but often they intimidated the good people to look the other way.  If they met resistance, they pushed again a few months later.  Within five years there were no good people able to push back—the thugs had all the power.  See Eric Metaxas’ book on Dietrch Bonhoeffer .

Obviously not all Muslims are militants.  But the majority Muslim “sea” creates an ocean in which the thugs feel free to swim without reproach.  Obviously not all Germans were Nazis.  But after a while it did not matter.  The thugs controlled every aspect of life, and bullied other Germans into submission.

And Islam is a religion.  But Islam defines itself as a total system, including every aspect of personal behavior and government.  Like Nazism.

The West, on the other hand, expects “religion” to confine itself to personal beliefs—“I’ll believe whatever I want, but I won’t force my beliefs on you.”  That is not how Islam works.  Muslims are required to conquer those around them, by force, if necessary.  The state of war with infidels is constant.  Sometimes it is overt and violent. Sometimes it is passive and more obtuse.  But the state of war is constant.

And the West’s beliefs are disintegrating.  The obvious Christian roots of our nation are Wooden rosary beads and cross isolated on a white background.denied.  Christians are the only group of believers who can be publicly vilified and joked about.  Christian values are attacked by the media and the government.

Into this increasing void comes militant Islam, focused, organized, sometimes violent, and ready to “take no prisoners”.  Like the leaders of the Trojan Horse in Birmingham.

Who is going to stand up to them?  Who is going to push back and demand conformity with liberal/democratic laws and mores?

By the way, where are the feminists, to defend women from the degradation and abuse A young muslim girl reading a book while thinkingencouraged by Sharia Law?  Where are the men, who should not want half the population to be uneducated second class citizens?

I take no joy in any of this.  I don’t want to pick a fight or confront anyone.  I wish Islam were less virulent.  But the militants are like Pac-Men.  We are the pellets and fruit. They will keep coming until they are stopped.  And then stopped again. 

You and I must stand up to their demands to change Europe and America into their Islamic image of what we must  believe and how we must act. There is no one else.

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