Racist Purgatory or Personal Redemption?

Critical Race Theory is a lie at war with Christian faith because of its belief in permanent cycles of conflict and oppression. There is no hope for anything better. According to CRT, every white person is always a racist and an oppressor, even if she or he admits the...

Looking for Truthful Leaders

How does a nation prosper, or even survive, when its leaders are delusional, seeming to believe things that are clearly not true, and then basing policies and actions on these delusions? Merriam-Webster defines delusion as “a belief that is not true: a false idea.” ...

The Route Cause

I dislike that the Biden Administration is “pivoting” away from the disaster which was and is our Afghanistan withdrawl, killing our service members and Afghan children, and leaving behind tens of thousands who helped and counted on us. My preference would be that...

The Taliban is Biden Its Time

We are living through an unmitigated disaster in Afghanistan. We created it, and we should all be repulsed and ashamed. And by “we”, I mean all of us. The disaster is worth examining on at least three levels. At the lowest level, on the ground in Central Asia, can...

The Evolution of the Cancel Pass

The current “Cancel Culture” is one terrible result of the Oppressor/Oppressed Critical Theory tsunami that is sweeping our nation today after decades of preparation, primarily in all levels of our nation’s education system. We were recently told by a friend who is a...

Three Quick Summer Fixes

I expected to be on a short break this summer, but given our current national conversations, I have to write just a few words about how we can fix three very big issues with three very simple steps. Problem #1: A crush of mostly Latin American illegal immigrants,...

The Truth Will Set You Free–Lies Will Enslave You

I am very concerned about finding and acting on the Truth, as any reader of my recent posts will attest. As a student of Russian History who made my first visit to Leningrad in 1969 at the age of 22, I have always been aware of how the Soviet State bent “truth” to...

History 2021

History 2021

I wrote the original version of the following story almost twenty years ago, as the second chapter in an anthology of short stories, Ten Lies and Ten Truths. I have rewritten parts of the story this week, to capture the new realities of History 2021 A Story Harrison...

Pairsing The Truth

One of my favorite sayings about Truth is: “Truth is simple, and delights in simple statements. It expects to make its way by its own intrinsic force, and is willing to pass for what it is worth.  Error is noisy and declamatory, and hopes to succeed by substituting...

Pray and Work for Those Whom We Love

Pray and Work for Those Whom We Love

Many aspects of this post will not be easy to read—they’re not easy to write. I’m working on a fourth novel, set in D.C., with angels and demons which are visible to the reader, though not to the characters in the story, similar to my first novel, On The Edge. This...


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