This post has two audiences. For those who’ve known my writing for a while, I’m simply adding my mostly-monthly blog posts to a new platform: Substack, which has enhanced capabilities for organizing and communicating.

If you don’t know me, I very much enjoy writing novels, because truth wrapped in a good story can be transformative; but I’m a slow writer and need a way to express my thoughts on current issues while slugging away on a novel’s intricacies. Hence, these posts, which began in 2010 and are still cataloged on my website, here, at

Here’s a few words about me, taken from the Introduction to my first non-fiction book, out this week, Seeking Truth At The Intersection of Faith, Economics and Policy:

I guess I’m a bit of an anomaly. A conservative Southerner who believes strongly in our nation’s unique founding ideals of individual, God-given freedoms,

A civil rights activist who battled the segregationist Democratic Party in the Georgia Challenge Delegation,

A Naval Officer who loved steering a guided missile cruiser around the Mediterranean,

A commercial real estate entrepreneur and teacher for over five decades in the U.S. and Russia,

A Deplorable clinging to my guns and Bible, with a Master’s Degree from The London School of Economics as a Marshall Scholar,

A husband, father of five, grandfather, pilot, scuba-diver, author of four novels and, most importantly,

A sinner saved by grace alone.

So that’s the melting pot from which emerged these posts, which are focused on Faith, Economics and Policy.

My hope is to build a community focused on finding truth, and then to share tools that can be used to touch the hearts and minds of friends, colleagues and loved ones.

I hope that together we’ll arm believers and disarm unbelievers. So please tell others.


Substack allows for paid subscriptions. I expect to keep these posts free to everyone, to encourage engagement, so please share the link and encourage others to subscribe for free.

In the future, I may offer special editions, insights, and discounts to paid subscribers. And of course a paid subscription helps offset the costs. If you would like to support this work, a small paid subscription of any amount per month—the equivalent of a coffee—will help a lot. Your call!

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I typically share about one post a month, so I won’t overwhelm you. Meanwhile, you can check out everything about my novels and previous posts at

Finally, to celebrate the move to Substack and the release of Seeking Truth At The Intersection of Faith, Economics and Policy, for the next ten days I’m giving you a 25% discount on every E-Pub/Kindle book ordered directly from my website. Just use the Coupon Code “Truth” when you check out. You probably like holding a physical copy as much as I do, but there are so many good resources in this book that using the hotlinks in the E-Pub text is actually pretty nice. Get both!


All the best.

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