Seeking Truth | At The Intersection of Faith, Economics and Policy

Our world is filled with half-truths, lies and spin. It is vitally important to seek and to find the truth.

You and I may differ on our understanding of Faith, Economics and Policy, but hopefully we can have a respectful dialogue, always seeking to discover the truth.

These essays, written across more than a decade, are curated here by subject, with updated and accurate references.

“Right on target, Parker. I agree with every word of this. Thank you for clarifying some issues I was a bit “fuzzy” on. Keep on sharing the truth!” – Margaret Fuson

Hopefully these essays will help launch engagement between friends, family members and colleagues.

“As usual (and as I and I’m sure many others have come to expect from you), Parker, this is spot-on. Thanks again for the clarity with which you communicate and the fundamental values and Christian worldview that is articulated. I will try to share your words with others so they too can benefit as I have.” – Doug Van Dyke

Whether you’d like to do your own research, or just enjoy these thoughts and conclusions, I hope these essays will challenge and inform you.

“This really hit me hard, You have such a way of touching my heart. I am printing this and keeping it with my prayer list for those that are on my heart. As always, I thank God for you and the gift He has given you.” – Pamela Cantrell


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 Order of Books

1) On The Edge 2) The President 3) Enemy In The Room 4) Nation On The Edge

While each novel has its own stand-alone story threads, and they can be read in any order, several key characters do repeat across all four books.

In Nation On The Edge, most of the characters from On The Edge repeat, only they are twenty-five years older.