The President is out on the campaign trail taking credit for the late, slow, economic recovery that we are finally experiencing.

It’s like a delivery room doctor claiming that without him or her, there could be no baby.

In fact, to add some extra hyperbole, it’s even worse.  Given the President’s steady prescriptions of contraception by regulation, all night binges of spending, and threatened abortion by add-on taxation, it’s a miracle that there is a baby at all.

Is it possible that we’re finally having recovery because the President is, mercifully, not doing anything more to stop it?  Think about the last year.  The Republican victory in the House put an end to the President’s legislative misadventures.  House committees have been able to grill the Administration’s regulators. And, despite its drawbacks, the early and prolonged Republican primary season has brought a steady stream of conservative and libertarian ideas into the nation’s living rooms—on its own, the mainstream media would never have sanctioned giving these common sense concepts such national attention, week after week.

And so maybe the President can take credit, but only in the sense that the nation is finally responding to the double blessing of him doing nothing, and of conservative ideas starting to gain acceptance with the electorate.

So hopefully the economy is growing again out of the expectation that Barack Obama will finally leave it alone.

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