We need a Savior.

Even as our family gathers this week, blessed with good health, a thriving new generation, and jobs, our joy is balanced by the ever-present reminders of evil, chaos and death.

Mass murder of innocents at an elementary school.  The fiscal cliff about to force a huge increase in taxes, and add to our nation’s uncertainty.  My good friend from high school and his family struggling with the reality of disease and life’s finiteness.

If God had left us on our own to cope with the fallen world of evil, chaos and death, I’m not sure that I could muster the energy to lie to myself and others with the mask of an optimistic outlook.

But He did not leave us alone.  And I don’t have to lie.  We’re about to celebrate again His Light breaking through the darkness.  And I am genuinely optimistic and joyful because, despite all of the mess, He has provided the Savior, Jesus Christ, His means for grace, hope, forgiveness and redemption. And, like the father of the Prodigal Son, God is somehow running to me, wanting to welcome me back, if only I will repent and turn to Him.

I am reminded that when he came to earth, there were the same issues.  King Herod ordered the slaughter of innocent boys.  Jesus was born in Bethlehemto fulfill an ancient prophecy, but as the immediate result of universal taxation.   And he used his own death to proclaim his ultimate power over this life’s limits.

For His own reasons God has chosen not to overcome all the darkness yet, hoping that more of us will reach out to those who don’t know Christ, and proclaim the Good News in a winsome and loving way.  But one day there will be no more evil, chaos or death.  And that is why, despite mass murder, uncertainty and illness, I am genuinely at peace and optimistic.  I know Who wins in the end, and, despite my shortcomings, He has promised me a seat at the Victory Celebration.

We need a Savior, and now we celebrate his first coming!  Let’s join in celebrating.


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