It’s a benefit I’m giving to you. And I’m doing good stuff for millions of other folks, too.  It’s all free, paid for by your parents and the huge insurance companies.  Feels great, doesn’t it!

Well, yes, we actually did have to cancel your parents’ plan.  It wasn’t good enough for them, or for you, so we cancelled it. And I guess that means neither you nor your parents have any health insurance, but that’s one of the small costs of being progressive.Bad news from doctor

I’ve discovered that buying health insurance is complicated.

I know that’s not the outcome you expected.  But if the change part isn’t working for you, you can focus more on the hope.  Hope that neither you nor your parents get sick or are in an accident any time soon.

And if you do get sick and don’t feel well, I hope that you’ll still have good feelings about Obamacare, for all that we’re doing to help millions.

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