Are you already as done with the 2016 Election Cycle as I am?


I am the loudest!

Talking heads. He said-she said-he said. Attack ads. Scorched earth. All about “me”.

Are we really going to spend more than a year with a large gaggle of seemingly qualified conservative leaders rearranging the deck chairs, hoping when the music stops that the last seat is theirs, while the Ship of State actually sinks and everyone else drowns in a sea of debt, low employment, lost opportunity and class warfare?  Not to mention terrorist attacks?

Closeup portrait, senior mature, arrogant, bold, self-important uppity stuck up man with napoleon complex, short man syndrome, isolated white background. Negative emotion facial expression feelings.

I am the best candidate.

Surely we can do better, and I have a small revolutionary suggestion—a winning revolutionary suggestion.

But it will require most of the candidates to rein in their egos and to focus on implementing solutions rather than on comparing personalities.

A group of respected, wise conservative men and women, elder statesmen and young activists, who are not running for any office, should meet and survey all of the 2016 Presidential candidates and near-candidates—Republican, Libertarian and Conservative—for their leadership skills and areas of expertise, and make the following public determination.

They should coalesce around one candidate whose main qualification has been working for many years with diverse groups to get things done, and in ways that caused all participants to believe that they were heard.

That person and the closest second should be selected as the recommended Republican candidates for President and Vice-President.

Then each of the other candidates, who all appear young enough to run on their own in four or eight years, should devote his or her exceptional individual talents to serve the nation in their area of expertise, with the single purpose of fixing problems and moving us forward again.

One person from the second man on the back. 3d

Using my strength to carry another.

What an opportunity for these individuals to live out in action, and for the next generation to see, that sometimes the most productive role is as a very talented first violin, rather than as the conductor.

In essence, a full slate of not only the next Republican President, but also his or her Cabinet will be offered to the nation as a complete team, starting this summer, long before the election.

omini bianchi con puzzle singolo

Answers from an experienced team

Each cabinet member can begin to assemble the best possible team and start writing the dynamic policies that this team will put into action in January, 2017.

The funds that are now targeted by various SuperPacs for negative attack ads on fellow conservatives will instead be used to fund pilot programs, to research different policy alternatives, and to hire early team members to insure a fast start.  All focused on positive solutions, not on attacking personalities.

Impossible unreasonable

Results of Gifted Talent Working as a Team

The emphasis will be on centrist/conservative, but dynamic and often difficult, solutions for our nation’s problems, foreign and domestic. Once a policy is decided upon, the entire team will work together to implement it. No one will agree with every detail, but taken as a whole these policies and this team will, by the sheer weight of their combined expertise, chart a completely new course for our nation.

Think about the benefits.  No months and months of internecine battles and continuous destruction of those who are really allies.  Discussions of real policies and priorities by true, recognized experts, each of whom has the personality and the experience to argue forcefully for implementation. The expectation of real servant leadership at the highest level, rather than “it’s all about me”.

In summary, the Republican/Conservative/Libertarian leaders in our nation should call a truce for 2016, in the greater interest of the nation’s survival, and coalesce not around a person, but around a team, to lead us out of the current wilderness.

I believe this approach will guarantee not only a win for conservative principles, but also give our nation the opportunity to heal and to thrive once again.

Please, servant leaders, step forward.  Who will be the first candidates with the courage to get behind this approach, for the sake of our nation’s future?

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