I don’t get it. If you are a Progressive and want to argue for higher taxes, Medicare for all, student debt forgiveness, wealth redistribution, even socialism, though I probably won’t agree with you, let’s talk.

But when you advocate for making it as easy as possible to kill babies in their mothers’ wombs, I don’t have anything to say. You’re just wrong. Period.

It feels like someone 150 years ago, even a Supreme Court Justice, arguing that enslaving another human being because of the color of his or her skin was acceptable in some circumstances. No, a little bit of slavery, like a little bit of abortion, never works for the individual. It is always wrong.

And God abhors it. Abortion is infanticide, sacrificing a living child on the altar of the God of Personal Convenience. That may sound harsh, even extreme. Well, yes. But isn’t murder harsh, final? Particularly the murder of an innocent child. What metaphor better describes pure Evil than a mother (or father) killing her or his own child?

We rightly condemn the Nazis for murdering 6 million Jewish people in the Holocaust. But experts estimate that since 1973 we have killed over 60 million babies in America by abortion. 60 million, all children. Let that number sink in. About 105 killed every hour for over 45 years. Besides the terrible loss of so many lives, and of potential productive citizens contributing to our country, do we imagine that God is pleased with us? I think not, with almost certainly bad consequences for our nation.

And now every Progressive candidate for every position from Dog Catcher to President is adamantly in favor of abortion at any time, and with no restrictions. Why? What does killing children have to do with the rest of the Progressive agenda? Seriously, I want to know. I truly don’t get it. Please explain the connection to me. Murder and health care?

I know it’s hard to assess tone in an email or a post. So I want to be very clear. In general I don’t like incendiaries or arguing ad hominem. Particularly on subjects like this, I am not pointing my finger at others from some lofty self-righteous perch. I am the chief of sinners. Until God transformed me by His grace, I was done for. If you are a Progressive, you are not my enemy. I hope you feel the same about me. My tone is one of sadness, of tragedy, and of wanting to quietly persuade.

We are all human beings, and most of those reading this are Americans. I notice that our Constitution doesn’t mention abortion, and that our other chief founding document, the Declaration of Independence, begins by proclaiming that our Creator has endowed all of us with certain inalienable rights, the first of them being the right to life.

So I’ll just say it: I’d rather have any imperfect candidate for any elected office working to slow down or to stop abortions rather than any self-proclaimed nearly-perfect Progressive vowing to make abortions even easier. They say to choose your battles. So I have. In this big one, I want our nation to be on God’s side.

There, I said what I believe a lot of people actually think. Maybe even a majority. Does it sound crazy? Does it sound like I’m wrapping myself in my Bible and my flag? Does it make me a bumpkin in flyover country? A simpleton? A deplorable?

It’s interesting because by most measures I’d be considered an “intellectual.” What happened to me? Why do I believe in God, and further believe that we contradict His commands at great, even eternal risk to ourselves, and to our nation?

Well, I’m certain that everyone believes in something. Anyone who denies that is deluding herself. At age 37, realizing how imperfect I am, I chose to surrender and to put my faith in the God of the Bible. He then, true to His word, transformed me, and has been working on me ever since. It’s amazing. It’s amazing grace. If you’re at all interested in why I think faith in God is perfectly logical and reasonable, for an intellectual as well as for everyone else, please see my earlier posts in 2016 and 2018, or read my first novel, On The Edge. Or read Tim Keller’s great book The Reason for God.

Meanwhile, Progressives keep on wanting to kill babies, right up to the moment of birth (and for some maybe even for an hour or so after birth). And, look, unlike most Progressives, I’m a Christian conservative willing to allow some leeway on the edges of what I think is correct. I’m opposed to all abortions, but when it comes to laws that everyone must obey, I can understand how rape, incest or abuse may require me to bend.

So, if you are a Progressive candidate or supporter and want to win me over on any subject—taxes, trade, national debt, Muller, impeachment—anything, I’ll do my best to be polite, but I’ll never vote for you or help you come to power because nothing else is even close to being as important as protecting innocent lives. And I know that you either think that a mother is perfectly suited to kill her daughter, or you don’t care, or you are so afraid of your base that you go along. Whichever it is, the result is the same: more dead babies. And I can’t help you do that.

And, by the way, if you are a visual person, please watch the movie Unplanned. It will be available on amazon and DVD on August 13th. You can watch it at home, and no one will know unless you tell them.

But unless you unlink abortion from other policies you support, we don’t really have much to talk about, which is a shame, given the state of our nation. And you should not be surprised that you get this reaction from people like me. You’ve brought it on yourselves. Really, why do you insist on killing babies?


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