As readers of this space know, I agonized over the 2016 election as a gamble between a largely unknown but troubling personality vs. policies which I believed would harm our country. I took the gamble on Trump’s personality, largely persuaded by my beliefs on abortion and his approach to rebalancing our judicial system.

Now it’s 2020, and the choice is even more polarized. Are these really the best two Presidential candidates in the nation?

Trump’s personality is no longer a question. He is a self-centered narcissist who views all events and relationships first through the filter of what they mean for him. He treats many people terribly, like a schoolyard bully. If he is a Christian believer, I’m still looking around the base of the tree to see which fruit has fallen. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control are not qualities which leap to mind when thinking of him. If he’s ever admitted to making a mistake (other than in hiring people), I’ve not heard it.

Earlier this year I’d had my fill of his personal behavior and was seriously considering just not voting in November.  But not any more. The last four months have convinced me that I must vote in November—even help campaign—largely to pull the Republican lever, including President Trump.

What has made this change?

However bad Trump is personally, the whacko Progressive Mob controlling Joe Biden is much, much worse, will cause more harm, and have much more staying power. Can you imagine our nation being governed by people like the mayors of New York, Chicago, Minneapolis, Seattle, Baltimore or Portland? Can you imagine the consequences of our national government emulating the states of New Jersey, Massachusetts, Illinois, or California with similar laws, regulations and finances? We all might as well join a government workers union or the NEA teachers union, because they will be dictating progressive policies, taxes and deficits to officials who use their lock-step support to stay in power. Not to mention the tragically monolithic Identify Politics voting blocks–be sure to watch “Uncle Tom, The Movie.”

The Biden Progressive Mob are power-hungry, almost-narcissists who will do anything to gain and then stay in power. Do you need some examples?

  1. They taunted the President from before he took office with the totally discredited Russia Collusion hoax, knowing it was untrue, but doubled-down at every chance, including the not-to-miss Impeachment Show, always focusing on the single real goal of discrediting him and his administration. Every day. Several times a day. Get Trump. Hopefully some proven, accurate, actionable information will come out soon on what appears to have been abuses of power at the highest level.
  2. They refuse to pass any legislation which might even give the slightest hint of a “win” for him. Immigration Reform and Police Reform are two current issues that they would rather have as talking points for a campaign than real solutions. What if Republicans had treated Lyndon Johnson, whom many of them deeply disliked, the same way? There would be no Civil Rights Act of 1964 and no Voting Rights Act of 1965—passed with greater Republican percentages than Democratic—in which case Jim Crow laws could still prevail in some areas, even today. Those Republicans voted for what was right, not for what was politically advantageous. Good luck with AOC and her crowd on that.
  3. Democratic governors, the press, and the NEA are now working together to make sure that our schools do not re-open this fall in large parts of our nation, almost guaranteeing another economic disaster just in time for the election. Americans in these states are being told that they can’t go to work, to school, a sporting event, or to worship, but it’s OK to gather with whomever you want in large groups to protest. How long will we put up with this insanity? See Heather Mac Donald’s excellent recent summary in this article. And see several more useful references below.

Back to the election. We simply must not let this Progressive Mob win, because, given their record of the last four years, they will never again let go. The lapdog press will obviously let them get away with anything to keep them in power. Liberties and truths as we now know them will be gone forever in the rush to wokeness, political correctness, thought control and social justice. Property rights and Rule of Law will be no more. There will be no turning back. We’ll be done.

Compared to that, we can navigate four more years of Donald Trump with comparative ease.

Which leads me to the tipping point in my mind for this November. If the whacko, destructive Progressive Mob wins, they will be in power forever. But if narcissistic Donald Trump wins with the Republicans, he is term limited to only four more years. And maybe he’ll get tired or bored after a couple of more and just quit, turning the nation over to the Vice President.  (See my earlier impossible dream on this subject at “Win One for The Nation”).

So for 2020 that’s what it comes down to for me: the Progressive Mob in power forever, destroying our freedoms day by day, or Donald Trump in power for at most four more years. If that’s the only real choice I’m given, I don’t like it, but it’s not even a close call. And imagine Trump with the House and Senate behind him, actually passing much needed reforms and legislation, instead of running kangaroo-court inquisitions at every opportunity. What might we and they get done?  AND there’s still the added benefit of being right on abortion and the judiciary.

And the Progressive Mob needs to lose for the sake of the Democratic Party and the concept of a loyal opposition in our nation. Both parties go through these swings. The Democrats last did so in 1972 and 1984, when they lost big, reformed to the center, and came back to win big. For all our sakes, they need to do so again.

As you enter the voting booth in November, visualize what your life will be like under the control of those who rule all the failed big Democratic cities and states, and then vote for Republicans. They are the imperfect but last bulwark against the Mob.

But if the Progressive Mob does win in November and pulls Uncle Joe’s strings for as long as he can stand up, there is at least some consolation for me. Not far from us are several military bases which were unfortunately named for Confederate generals. So my bus trip to the re-purposed Barack Hussein Obama Re-Education Camp should not be too long. And my family should be able to visit me fairly conveniently, after I “woke up”, stop clinging to my guns and Bible, and start making satisfactory Progress:

“Four Legs Good, Two Legs Bad

Black Lives Matter, Others Not So Much

White Entitlement Bad, Other Entitlements Good

Traditional Marriage Bad, Anything Else Good

Father Knows Best Bad, Friends Know Best Good

Abortion Good, Baby Bad

Supreme God Bad, Supreme Government Good

Rule of Law Bad, Law of Rules Good

Four Legs…”


PS: If you need two excellent uplifts in this unusual season, watch Os Guiness at Socrates in the Cityand read Eric Metaxas’s great book, If You Can Keep It.  You won’t be disappointed.

Here are some useful references:

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