As most of you know, I’m a Conservative-Libertarian Christian who happens to live in the current national-focus state of Georgia.

I dislike the way the Democratic Party, the Progressive Elite, The FBI/DOJ, and the Main Stream Media (MSM) hounded President Trump from before his 2016 election all the way through his Presidency and finally into these elections. It was despicable behavior, and I hope that we get to the bottom of it through Senate hearings and internal DOJ investigations. We must know what really happened, including any 2020 election irregularities, and perhaps some of the worst actors will actually suffer in some way because of it. But we must control the Senate in order to control those Senate hearings.

On the other hand, I’m quite pleased with most, though not all, of President Trump’s policy decisions: Calling-out China and Iran for their rogue and illegal actions, lowering taxes, reducing regulations, Operation Warp Speed, Opportunity Zones, the Wall, Prison Reform.  All are good and much needed. On balance his four year term has been a policy success, turning our country in proven and better directions.

I want those more conservative policies to continue, and even to expand in the coming years. It would be disastrous if they were simply flushed in the first weeks of the next Administration.

What I also dislike is how the last four years have focused on Trump’s Cult of Personality, with the MSM and the President himself in bizarre agreement that his personality and behavior should be the focus of the daily news, and then the deciding factors in his reelection. That focus fit the President’s self-centered approach to everything, and made his opponents’ task much easier. In what other election did so many talk so little about so much that could have been discussed, but wasn’t? It was all about Trump, and, sadly, he encouraged and thrived on that focus.

During the election he continued his four years of acting like a playground bully with anyone slightly out of favor. That’s who showed up for the first debate, which was his worst performance ever. Is there no one who can tell him that being gracious and pleasant is actually the most effective combination with being tough and smart, like Ronald Reagan? Instead, he went out of his way to be a jerk, and how many of the relatively few votes he needed to win re-election were permanently turned away that night? A self-inflicted loss.

I wrote last November that it would be a huge tragedy if Conservatives lost our input on really important issues like the Supreme Court and abortion access because our President loves to talk and to Tweet about himself, and can never admit making a mistake (“Trump With Prayer”). Then in July, after months of riots and Democratic  appeasement, I wrote that everyone should simply pull the Republican lever (“Term Limit Trumps the Mob“), to bring back sanity to all levels of government.

I believe that the election was absolutely unfair, in the important sense that the MSM and the Washington Establishment did everything they could to undermine, criticize and blast Trump, while treating all Democrats with kid gloves and with total protection from anything which could be the least bit unpleasant for them (Hunter Biden).

In that sense the elections overall were an unexpected great victory for Conservative ideas and policies, which generally won out almost everywhere, despite having the deck so terribly stacked against us. President Trump received the second greatest popular vote total of any candidate in history–11 million more Americans voted for him in 2020 than in 2016, which is an incredible accomplishment, given the odds and the biases.

But based on what I know as of late November, I don’t think the election was stolen, in the sense that meaningful numbers of ballots were added, or votes changed electronically from Venezuela or Germany. I am NOT an expert in this area, though it interests me a lot. I’m not a pundit. I don’t have any inside knowledge beyond what is available to everyone else. I imagine that it somehow could have been done, but you would think that the offer of a large cash reward plus immunity would bring forward several people who would readily admit to being involved. If you have some new, accurate information that will even just open a crack in the wall around how the election was stolen, we want to know it.

In this and in all things, I just want the TRUTH. That’s my only agenda. So, please, bring it on, and we’ll deal with it.

Absent that information, I believe that Trump lost by narrow margins because he couldn’t change his destructive behavior, even for a few months, even when the results hung in the balance.

That’s a personal tragedy for him in the recent past, but it doesn’t have to be for the nation, IF WE HOLD THE SENATE, and that brings us back to Georgia and the future.

If Republicans hold the Senate, then Conservatives will act as a brake on the worst excesses of the destructive Progressive Agenda. Without Trump’s personality as everyone’s focus, can you imagine that we might start talking about policies again?!? And making some legislative compromises across the aisle that might actually move programs forward to benefit the vast majority of us. What a change that would be.

And those Senate hearings on what really happened in 2016 and 2020—unless Republicans hold the Senate, those hearings will stop, and we’ll never know.

Not to mention the Senate’s required approval on every important nomination and all treaties.

So, keeping the Republican majority in the Senate and hopefully expanding it in 2022 is really important. But I fear that we’re going to blow it, and for the same reason that Trump lost earlier this month—because we’re making it about him again, and not about policies.

Georgia is not a Universal Mail-in Ballot state. Recently Democrats complained about how the state regularly removes anyone from voter rolls who does not vote across two federal election cycles and does not respond within 30 days to a mailed notice asking them to update their status. So there probably is less voter roll uncertainty in Georgia than in many other states. In order to vote with an Absentee Ballot in Georgia you have to go online and request it. You and the Secretary of State can then track your ballot through each step as it is mailed to you, then received back, and finally recorded. You must sign an outer envelope on which your signature is compared to your signature on record. Once it is returned and verified, the outer envelope and your voting envelope are permanently separated, to maintain your Constitutional right to a secret ballot. And our electronic voting machines also issue a paper receipt showing for whom your vote was cast. It was all those paper Absentee Ballots and paper voting receipts that were recounted by hand two weeks ago, and the totals did not differ materially from the electronic results.

So, again, I’m willing to be proven wrong with new, accurate information about how the Georgia election was stolen—tubs of forged Absentee Ballots delivered at 3am?—but until someone steps forward with actual proof, I think the Republican Secretary of State, the Republican Governor, and the county election officials from both parties in Georgia finally know how to run a fair election. And I expect that will be the case on January 5th.

What worries me? Just when we have the chance to shift the discussion from Trump’s personality to the critical importance of sound Conservative values and policies vs. those of the whacko, devastating Progressive Left, many Georgia Republican leaders are re-inserting Trump, and conducting a circular firing squad, calling each other names, demanding resignations, and even calling on Republicans to boycott the runoff election. Are they serious?

The outcome in Georgia is by no means certain. In the Special Senate Election the two leading Republican candidates (Loeffler and Collins) plus three others polled only 48.5% of the total vote—51.5% went to Democrats and others. Out of the nearly 5 million total votes cast in each Senate race, over 1 million were from new voters since 2016, a 25% increase in the turnout, due to increased voter registration.

We must hold the Senate to have any chance for our nation’s future. Which means we must win these last two Senate seats in Georgia. Georgia is the perfect crucible to portray the real differences in the two parties’ priorities and policies—to remind all Americans, not just Georgians, what is at stake.

Instead, some Conservatives, particularly some who believe that the election was stolen, are making these races into loyalty tests as “True Trumpians to the End”. They denigrate the Governor and the Secretary of State as if they were closet Marxists, and they want to know what the Senate candidates are doing to help insure Trump’s victory, instead of focusing on the issues that Congress will quickly have to tackle in January. Why? What possible result will that approach serve, other than to give Democrats control of the Senate?

Please, please Republican leaders in and out of Georgia: for the sake of our nation, focus on the huge policy differences, with their consequences for all of us, and not on either these candidates’ or Trump’s personalities.

And here’s a novel thought for our President. If you must come to Georgia, and it’s probably a good idea to rouse the base, please try something new. When you speak at rallies, don’t belittle people or call them names. Don’t talk about yourself and how great a leader you are, or what a raw a deal you got—we’ve all heard that, and we agree. Talk about the greatest U.S. economy and the highest Dow Jones ever not as your personal achievements, but as testaments to the best American values and perseverance. And, try a little humility. Joke in a disparaging way about how you blew it, but mention that hopefully you can be of service to the nation in some meaningful way going forward, after a rest. Talk about the nation’s bright future with the Conservative wins against all odds and against all the polls across the nation, but remind everyone that those wins only count if we cap them with two wins in Georgia. Then pick ten important policy issues and calmly, intelligently lay out the differences between Conservatives and Progressives, showing clearly how important it is that Senators Perdue and Loeffler win these runoff elections. Should that really be too hard for a man of your many accomplishments?

Who knows? A reasoned, thoughtful campaign in Georgia in December, followed by a resounding double-win for Republicans in January, might be the launching pad for Trump 2.0. And at least it should insure that our nation will not fall of the Progressive cliff, ending the Trump reforms. There’s still a lot of swamp left–let’s pull together and focus on continuing to drain it, not on bashing each other.

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