There’s a new short-hand term sweeping through the nation’s elite HR Departments, universities, Boards of Education, media, boardrooms and even the military: Kamalafication.

The term is the Progressive code-name for someone who should be chosen for an important position based primarily on skin color, gender(s), or Woke awareness.

That person should be highly Kamalafied to fill the vacancy because she, he or they will first and foremost push the Progressive Agenda as it applies to that position, thereby advancing Wokeness across the nation, which is our elite’s most important priority.

If someone is highly Kamalafied, it doesn’t matter if that person is not qualified in the old, Oppressive, white, retro-sense. Kamalafication is all that matters. An individual’s education, intelligence, passing of proficiency tests, experience, or competent mastery of a skill are irrelevant to the greater goal of creating a Woke society. Recognizing and telling the truth is also a secondary concern.

We will have a better, more caring nation, with citizens able to call out the root causes of Oppression in an instant, once our pilots, doctors, teachers, politicians, scientists, surgeons, CEO’s, soldiers, sailors, first responders and parents are all first focused on Woke priorities, and only secondarily interested in, say, how to fly an airplane, cure a disease, or close a border.

While this process has been used by Progressives for years to seed the country’s most important organizations with like-minded activists who happen to lack some traditional, Oppressor-defined skills or accomplishments for a particular position, it has now been named in honor of the one American who has perfected the process to arrive at the very pinnacle of political power.

Among those most in the know in Progressive circles, a favorite saying is that “Kamalafications ‘trump’ qualifications.”

So if you are graduating from school or otherwise about to seek a new employment position, be sure to check your Kamalafications.


If you are white, male, heterosexual and a Christian believer, you will never be hired by anyone who cares about their own future, because you are totally un-Kamalafied for any position, and everyone knows it—no matter what you may think you have accomplished–because you are an Oppressor. You may have to start your own company, but don’t expect to be approved for a loan.

If you are challenged with only one or two of these four key dis-Kamalafiers, you might still hope to be considered for a job, but you should first build-up your resume in Woke causes, and in particular by fighting against Oppressors.

Hiring and advancing other Woke employees and consultants, firing and dismissing the un-Woke, electing Woke politicians, and giving money to Woke organizations and causes, with as much publicity as possible, are all excellent ways to build up your Kamalafications in this competitive arena.

We hope you Kamalafy to help us remake America in our own much better image!


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