Evolutionary Waypoint Discovered!

Evolutionary Waypoint Discovered!

With all of the troubling news in the world today, i thought I'd try something a little lighter this time, and it’s good to be able to point to something new and positive. I think that we’re witnessing a rare moment of evolutionary random action that could lead to improved canines!  Right in our own home and before our eyes. Notice the headshot of our family dog, Riley.  Look closely at his nose.  See those two dimples on either side near his eyes?  What could they be?  Since they serve no...

Belief In God Would Be So Much Easier and Much More Logical

Belief In God Would Be So Much Easier and Much More Logical

Secular Atheist Demolishes Darwinian Evolution Thomas Nagel is a University Professor in the Department of Philosophy and the School of Law at New  YorkUniversity.  He is a well known secularist and atheist. And yet, in his new book Mind and Cosmos, or Why the Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature is Almost Certainly False, Nagle destroys one of the key lynchpins of modern secular thought.  From the inside. After reading his latest work, I believe that Professor Nagel and I would almost certainly...


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