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The Truths Behind Why I will vote for a Libertarian or a Conservative

The Truths Behind Why I will vote for a Libertarian or a Conservative

One of our children recently lamented how difficult it is in the current political climate to understand what really is "truth", since all sides seem to claim it.  He declared himself to be a post-modern when it comes to issues and candidates. That conclusion troubled me, and so I set out to find truths outside of the current political cycle which can help inform us about how we should look at issues and at candidates.  The following is the result of that process. “Truth is simple, and...

Freedom of Worship Pushes Secularist Victory

Freedom of Worship Pushes Secularist Victory

One guaranteed way to win an argument is to insure that your opponent never has any input into the debate.  The secular lock-out of religious input into the public square has been gaining strength for decades, but now the pace of this discrimination is rapidly increasing. I have written previously on Alexis de Tocqueville’s 1836 observation that America’s unique strength was how Judeo-Christian faith and values were woven deeply and inexorably into the multi-faceted quilt of our society. ...

Race Relations: There is Only One Relation that Matters

Race Relations: There is Only One Relation that Matters

We will never have proper race relations until we recognize the fundamental role of God, try as we might with programs, laws, textbooks, pundits and cable news town halls After all, He is the Creator of us all.  If we have a common Father, then we are all brothers and sisters.  It doesn’t mean that we are all exactly alike, but that we are all family—and are all equal. When that perspective takes hold in the life of a believer, differences between us become something to celebrate, never to...

Who or What Will Fill the Leadership Void in Our Nation?

Who or What Will Fill the Leadership Void in Our Nation?

As we approach the 237th anniversary of July 4, 1776, I have several disparate but related thoughts.  We are a young nation. It seems impossible to me, but in just my sixty-six years I have lived through over one quarter of our nation’s history.  If you trace back only four generations past my grandfather, those men actually fought in the American Revolution. Our nation is young, and as others have said, it is as much a unique combination of ideas as it is a place.  It was founded on personal...

Intentional Faith

Last week Mark Tidwell spoke at Ken Boa’s Bible Study in Atlanta.  Please, when you have forty-two minutes, watch Mark’s talk at I could write today will have the impact of Mark’s story.  And he has a powerful book, Leave A Mark. Mark emphaszied a word that has been resonating with me for some time: intentional. To me it means that we take every opportunity we are given to communicate truth.  In our writing,...

Christmas 2012

We need a Savior. Even as our family gathers this week, blessed with good health, a thriving new generation, and jobs, our joy is balanced by the ever-present reminders of evil, chaos and death. Mass murder of innocents at an elementary school.  The fiscal cliff about to force a huge increase in taxes, and add to our nation’s uncertainty.  My good friend from high school and his family struggling with the reality of disease and life’s finiteness. If God had left us on our own to cope with the...

The Wise Don

For the past month a store at the retail center where we’ve shopped for years has displayed prominent signs stating “Going Out Business—Everything For Sale”. So yesterday I went in to say good-bye to Don, one of the employees who has frequently helped me select the right products.  Over the years we’ve occasionally discussed the state of the world, and I expected that we would commiserate on the economy, his bad luck, the lack of jobs, etc. But we didn’t.   When I asked him, Don smiled and...

The Light of Christmas

The first Christmas was God’s intervention in human events with His plan for our salvation--easily the most important event in history.  The Light came into the darkness. Christmas led to Christ’s death and resurrection--the once-for-all atonement for our sins. Incredible.  It will be surpassed only by Christ’s second coming. But what would it be like today if God had not intervened, or if Christ had declined to do his Father’s will and take the place of the likes of us?  What if there were no...

I’ve Read Good Essays, but This May Be the Bastiat

Thanks to a personal introduction from Gene Tullio (, I’ve discovered the French economic philosopher Frederic Bastiat and his great work, The Law, originally published in 1850. As with my late-in-life reading of F. A. Hayek, I am embarrassed that I had never heard of Bastiat, and embarrassed that no one that I can recall either at UNC or LSE ever mentioned either man while I was earning two degrees. Anyway, Bastiat has it right on the profound connection between...


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